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The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmith, Forgers and Helpers (IBB) is a union that was established to implement the natural right of workers to organize.

The boilermaker trade was recognized as a stand-alone craft over 300 years ago. Over 130 years ago, Boilermakers and Iron Ship Builders from across North America established this union so that workers could secure work with dignity along with improved wages, hours, working conditions and other economic advantages through collective bargaining.

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Boilermaker Total Health (BtH) is working to further protect and improve the long-term health, wellbeing and quality of life of members both on and off the job. Learn more »

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The focus is to provide excellence in training and to prepare all Boilermakers for the future by providing continual training at (12) state of the art training centers across Canada. All Boilermaker Members have access to the following:
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Boilermakers Supporting Their Communities

Boilermakers Playing Against Cancer
Over the last two years, Boilermakers from Local Lodge D366 have raised over $20,000 to conquer cancer in a dawn to dusk road hockey tournament for the Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, ON.
Boilermakers Support a Cure for Diabetes
Diabetes is one the most common diseases, affecting more than 285 million people worldwide. In Canada, more than nine million people live with the disease and that number continues to grow. People with diabetes develop diabetic retinopathy, the most common cause of blindness in people under the age 65 and the most common cause of new blindness in North America.
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